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Edil Hernandez

Orlando, Florida based DJ Edil Hernandez ( was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.  An Industrial Engineer by degree with an MBA. Music has always been a passion in his life. Among his circle of friends, he was always the first one to find remixes and have an up to date music library.  Edil moved to the United States in the year 2000 after graduating college and being recruited by a major corporation; during this time he never thought of becoming a DJ.  He started to create dance sessions for himself and some of his closest friends.  His friends started to make copies of his work that they would give to their friends and he gained notoriety in Orlando by this network.  Based on the amazing feedback and encouragement from his friends and other people that had heard his music, he decided to embrace it and continue to do it on a different level.


That’s how DJ Edil Hernandez came along.  His website allowed his music to get noticed above and beyond Orlando, FL.  Edil has been featured in blogs and celebrity trainer’s sites as these people found his sets uplifting and energizing,; well suited for a party or a good workout.  Edil started to play in public in 2011, slowly taking off and enjoying creating sessions for his friends and fans to enjoy.  In 2012 he placed in the TOP TEN of a National DJ contest that put him on the DJ Map. Leveraging that momentum, he started to seek opportunities in Orlando and outside of Orlando.

Since then, he has a very popular podcast totaling more than 250,000 downloads. He has headlined events in Orlando, Montreal, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Atlanta, Provincetown, San Juan, P.R., Las Vegas and more.

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